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Specialized Care for Tongue Tie Well-Being

elevate your quality of life

Specialized Care for Tongue Tie Well-Being

Tongue Tie Specialist

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At Elevate Tongue Tie And Airway Center, we are dedicated to providing expert care and support for individuals of all ages dealing with tongue and lip tie challenges in Chandler, AZ. Our mission is to elevate your quality of life by addressing these conditions with precision and compassion. Led by a team of skilled specialists, we offer innovative solutions that prioritize your well-being, comfort, and overall health. Explore the possibilities with Elevate, where your journey to a life without limits begins.

We focus on frenectomies to help your child eat, speak and sleep better. We use state of the art technology with Light Scalpel, that allows for an ultra conservative approach to freeing tight tissue. During the thorough consultation, we’ll evaluate your child and answer all of your questions.

Boy opening wide for an oral examination - Elevate Tongue Tie & Airway Center - Chandler, AZ

What Is a Tongue Tie Specialist?

A Tongue Tie Specialist is a medical professional with specialized training in diagnosing and treating tongue and lip ties. These conditions, also known as ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and labial frenulum (lip tie), occur when the thin bands of tissue beneath the tongue or upper lip are shorter than usual, limiting their range of motion. Our specialists have extensive experience in evaluating these conditions and providing personalized treatment options to improve overall comfort and function.

Lightscalpel CO2 laser

The “Tesla” of lasers: efficient, precise, and fast. Lightscalpel CO2 laser is a non-contact, tissue vaporizing laser. It does not burn the tissue like Diode lasers. This unique vaporization property actually seals the small blood vessels resulting in minimal bleeding and better visualization for the doctor to mindfully and gently release restrictive tissues.

Lightscalpel CO2 laser - Elevate Tongue Tie & Airway Center - Chandler, AZ

How do tethered oral tissues (TOTs) impact your quality of life?

Tethered oral tissues (TOTs) can significantly impact your quality of life in various ways including:

  • Feeding issues
  • Painful breastfeeding, shallow latch, clicking/smacking/messy eating with breast or bottle
  • Long periods of time to feed
  • Picky eating with different food textures
  • Food packing in the lips and cheeks
  • Improper swallowing/ tongue thrusting
  • Speech issues
  • Breathing problems
  • Sleeping issues
  • Cavities
  • Hypersensitive gag reflex
  • Body tension
  • Headaches

Elevate Tongue Tie And Airway Center is your dedicated partner in addressing and resolving the challenges associated with tethered oral tissues (TOTs). Through advanced diagnostic techniques and tailored treatment plans, we aim to alleviate the discomfort, pain, and limitations caused by TOTs. 

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What is a
tongue tie?

A tongue tie is a tight string of tissue found under the tongue, that restricts the proper movement and function of the tongue. This restrictive tongue function can have a significant impact on one’s feeding, breathing, sleep, facial development, and overall quality of life.
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What are lip ties and buccal (cheek) ties?

Similar to the tongue, there can be ties in the upper and lower lips, and if they are restrictive, they are referred to a “lip tie.” Also, these oral tethers can be found in the upper and lower cheek areas.
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Research shows that optimal primary healing is achieved when the tongue is sutured. This reduces your chance of reattachment.
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Dr. Janelle Lee, DDS, MSD - Elevate Tongue Tie & Airway Center - Chandler, AZ

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Janelle Lee, DDS, MSD

Dr. Janelle Lee is an airway-focused, board certified pediatric dentist, and tethered oral tissue release provider. She is the founder and owner of Elevate Tongue Tie Center in Chandler, AZ. She has always had a passion for helping children and adults reach optimal oral and overall health. Dr. Lee is most passionate and deeply committed to educating her patients and their parents on the importance of their airway, nasal breathing, proper tongue and lip function, and the profound systemic effects these play in one’s overall quality of life. 

Team approach to success

While many benefits of the release are realized after releasing the “tie”, the release alone will not provide full benefits. Surgical treatment combined with speech, feeding, myofunctional therapy and bodywork with a chiropractor, physical therapist or craniofascial therapist are preferred goals that could lead to even better outcomes!